Vinnie LaCour (Rigging Artist - Seven45 Studios)

Posted by:Vinnie
Data created:20 January 2010

I was thrilled to test out Zookeeper in beta form and I'm even more excited about the official release.  As a rigging artist, keeping complex set-ups organized and intuitive is key and Zookeeper helps me to do exactly that. Zookeeper has quickly become an integral part of my own work flow and I can't imagine going back to using Max without it.

Zookeeper Is both intuitive and powerful and feels like it's an aspect of 3ds Max thats been missing all along. It's a huge help with everything from creating and maintaining complex Max scenes, to Speeding up and simplifying mundane or repetitive tasks, and in no time you'll wonder how you ever worked without it.

From streamlining existing work flows to opening the door to new possibilities Zookeper is a must have for any Max user.

Thanks to Marsel and Mike for sharing this with the community, I can't wait to see what features are on the horizon.

-Vinnie LaCour (Rigging Artist - Seven45 Studios)