Riki Babington (CEO of Eat 3D, LLC - www.eat3d.com)

Posted by:Riki
Data created:5 January 2010

I have been a huge fan of EPHERE for a very long time and used Scene Manager since it was in early beta (Scene Explorer). 

When I first heard about Zookeeper I was immediately excited because not only would it have the features Scene Manger did, but most of them were improved and added to! Then I was blow away to see the power of the node based schematic workflow of everything I would normally do the hard way.

Once you get used to the workflow of Zookeeper you may not fully appreciate it until you have to go without it and then you will realize how it makes even the simplest tasks (like renaming multiple objects) faster and more enjoyable.

I highly recommend Zookeeper for any serious 3ds Max user and I cant wait to see what EPHERE will innovate next!


- Riki