Yoni Cohen (Head of CG, snowball || vfx)

Posted by:yoni-cohen
Data created:4 January 2010

The ZooKeeper himself is Marsel and for me it means innovation and thinking out side of the box. Marsel has proved time and time again that he is out there to push 3ds Max to new heights bringing a better hair solution and exposing large chunks of the API to .Net got me to become a fan.

Zookeeper was another evolution for us, we've been yelling at Autodesk that we need a better way to explore the scene relationships and that the built in schematic is simply not there and while there were solution out there that did some of the work (nodejoe is one) Marsel took it further and made a flexible UI that can show any max parameter and object enabling new workflows  and speeding up the creation process.

ZK has so many views that its not just for the technical directors- its a tool that can be customized for us all.

I can't wait to see what the future hold but I will sure follow Marsel to see whats cooking.

Yoni Cohen
Head of CG
snowball || vfx