Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:11 June 2014
* Fixed: Error when dragging out a cluster node view's internal input
* Fixed: Composite view external port names do not update when a composite node port is renamed. The other direction issue still remains.
+ Added: Special icons for Ornatrix modifiers
* Fixed: Not able to see connections to Paramblock 2 parameters in schematic view
* Fixed: Error when clicking on a wire of a single modifier connected to a modifier stack
* Fixed: Error when dropping some cluster templates into schematic view
* Fixed: Error resetting scene after dropping "Spring Thing" and some other cluster templates
* Fixed: Custom attribute parameter renaming didn't work
* Fixed: Restoring synoptic view produces wrong nodes sizes
* Fixed: Nodes can still be collapsed and edited when fully transparent in synoptic view
* Fixed: Node display state not restoring collapsed states correctly if there are more than 10 nodes per tree level
* Fixed: Schematic node display state incorrectly (re)stores node height
* Fixed: Schematic control nodes do not have "Refresh" right click option
* Fixed: Errors when undocking/redocking external ports inside a cluster node view

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)